Singer-songwriter clide shares stirring EP ‘feelings’

The Berlin-based singer-songwriter clide has just shared his most personal work to date in the form of his new EP feelings. 

The five-track body of work explores different perspectives on emotion and provides a candid insight into clide’s experience with depression, heartbreak and feeling lost in life. It was written as a way for clide to clearly express his thoughts and feelings, as well as giving others that might feel the same, a way to relate and find comfort. 

His latest single ‘come over’ is accompanied by an intimate video that perfectly captures the wistful vulnerability of longing for a past love.

“I would consider myself as a generally happy and optimistic person, but the moments when I am not are the ones that really inspire me to write and share my emotions,” he explains. “Having all those perspectives, the conclusion of the whole project and the title song “feelings” is that it’s worth it. I wanna feel. Even if it hurts. That’s what living is about, going through all of it, taking the highs and the lows. I just wanna feel.”

Listen to feelings below.