Sky Barkers showcase the vibrant music video for their new track ‘Give You Love’

West Wales outfit Sky Barkers dropped their latest single ‘Give You Love’ earlier this summer, and now they’re treating us to an energetically choreographed, expressive music video. The track pulls inspiration from the likes of  Florence + the Machine, Miya Folick and Maggie Rogers, with a unique spin. Colourful and bold, the release is certainly attention-grabbing and impactful.

Speaking about the track, they reveal:

Give You Love is a celebration and rebellion song. We wrote it during one of the lockdowns and it’s really just about loving – in the broadest sense  – honestly and wildly, which in the current climate seems an act of necessary rebellion. Letting love be the force that courses through you and blasts you out of apathy, fear, whatever. But we’ve got to dare to be vulnerable enough to let it in, to feel it for real – and so many of us have big old bags of pain in the way. But in those moments when we really connect and let this incredible force tingle through us – it’s pretty wild. And we need it like water.” 

Sky Barker’s grand and effortlessly catchy sound is destined to win over the hearts of many, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!