Sofia Zadar releases bewitching new E.P ‘Hictopia’

Sofia Zadar has returned with highly anticipated E.P ‘Hictopia’. The Romanian queer musician’s experimental pop sound has been acclaimed by tastemakers and fans alike. They lived in the UK, Berlin and Barcelona before returning to Bucharest in 2018 to pursue musical projects.

‘Hictopia’ showcases a new and enticing take on alternative pop sounds, the EP experiments with polyphony, atypical compositional structures and the balance between processed and organic. The creation of a sonic space is blended with astute storytelling.

Speaking about the E.P, they say: “I conceived Hictopia as an exploration of the transformative possibilities of the here-and-now, whether these are emotional, somatic or collective. I believe this album to be a much-needed thread that sows utopianism to what is ancestrally within ourselves and our communities. Our ways of life in tune with earth and body are already here, underneath the layered systems that forbid our thriving. We need not search a thousand miles outside, but rather inches beneath, for the nurture and insight to birth new worlds.”

Poignant aesthetics are aligned with the mystical and pugnacious music, inspired by an adjacent career of Maria Sgarcitu, the talent behind Sofia Zadar, as a theatre composer and actress. With a clear vision, this project is an enchanting listen that’s definitely worth your time.