Soleil River Nation debuts with bright single ‘Small Girl in a Big World’

Aged just ten years old, Soleil River Nation emerges with a great deal of musical talent. Originally hailing from Manila in the Philippines and now growing up in Miami Beach, Florida, Soleil taught herself piano at six years old, which was closely followed by both her trumpet and vocal skills. Playing with the Miami Music Project’s children’s orchestra, Soleil earned 2023’s ‘Student of the Year’ award, whilst her time as part of Grammy award-winning National Children’s Chorus has allowed her ambitions to reach new heights.

The debut song from Soleil River Nation is out now, entitled ‘Small Girl in a Big World’. Thematically, the track speaks to the artist’s fears and concerns as she grows up, seeing the scale of the world and the inevitable struggles of becoming part of it. These ideas are led with a chorus of bright melodies, played from electric guitars and keyboard, supporting Soleil to a momentous performance filled with optimism despite the melancholic lyricism, soaring through each vocal melody.

Soleil shares, ”I composed this song as I near my 10th birthday, reflecting on my role in the immense universe filled with uncertainties.“I don’t wanna grow up to see the bad things or the sad things or the mad things.”

‘Small Girl in a Big World’ is out now!