Sonic Journeys: Exploring the Electronic Landscape with Zeo Guinle and Dirty Doering

Embarking on another captivating sonic adventure, Zeo Guinle collaborates once again with Warung Recordings, delivering a mesmerizing EP titled “This Time.” The release features a distinctive remix by the inimitable Dirty Doering, adding a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene.

Renowned figures in the international music scene, including Acid Pauli, Adriatique, D-nox, and Robbie Akbal, have rallied behind “This Time” even before its official debut. The EP’s anticipation reached a crescendo with a premiere on Atlantida FM, captivating millions of eager listeners.

Following its debut, “This Time EP” swiftly made waves, earning placements in prestigious charts such as the January Best New Melodic House Techno, Weekend Picks Melodic, and Best New Indie Dance on Beatport.

Zeo Guinle, hailing as a resident DJ at London’s iconic D-Edge club, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having graced the stages of Tomorrowland, Reading Festival, and Universo Paralello multiple times, Guinle’s dynamic sound and authentic performances have garnered him millions of streams on digital platforms.

Released on January 26th through Warung Recordings, “This Time” features two compelling tracks – the original and a remix by Dirty Doering, the mastermind behind Berlin-based label Katermukke. Warung Recordings, known for its association with the renowned Warung Beach Club, continues to make a significant mark in the industry, with “This Time” adding to its impressive portfolio.

The original track unfolds over almost thirteen minutes, leading listeners through a melodic progression that seamlessly blends with thought-provoking interjections, creating an atmospheric and dream-like experience. Halfway through, the track reaches its zenith as spatiality gives way to clear and pronounced kicks, delivering a truly immersive journey.

Dirty Doering’s remix, while maintaining the essence of the original, offers a digital and synthesized reinterpretation. Laden with peaks and an impactful approach, the remix adds an industrial flair to the dance floor, showcasing Dirty Doering’s expertise and cultural influence.

Zeo Guinle’s global experiences have undeniably shaped his sound, characterized by groove, energy, and fluidity. With an impressive track record spanning London, Scotland, Manchester, and Bristol, Guinle continues to solidify his status as an icon in the British electronic scene.

Dirty Doering, also known as Velten Doering, stands as a catalyst for change, embodying roles as a visionary entrepreneur and DJ. His remix of “This Time” not only pays homage to the original but also pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration, leaving an indelible mark on electronic music enthusiasts.

Pic: Dirty Doering

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