Sorry Darling release new video for ‘Language of Touch’

Formed in Brooklyn, Sorry Darling is an indie outfit fresh from their debut EP, ‘See This Through.’ This time, the band have offered up the video for ‘Language of Touch,’ which is shaped around a high-school reunion and how nostalgia can reignite past flames. The song has glowing harmonies, neat guitarwork, and expertly crafted writing.

Liz Wagner Biro, vocals and guitar, shares, “We wanted the video for Language of Touch to celebrate the way young love shapes us, the joy and the heartbreak of it all, and how that young love feeling doesn’t have to be confined to time or space. That adolescent electricity can live on if you stay open to it.”

The video itself stars Kasey Heisler Porter and Patrick Porter of A Very Special Episode, a fellow Brooklyn rock band, and it’s no surprise that the Brooklyn scene seems to be rallying around Sorry Darling.

Steve Bailey, also guitars and vocals adds, “As a song, Language of Touch was born out of a need to feel moments of trust and safety in physical love and how the tension before realizing that can make those moments even more powerful. With the video we wanted to explore those themes in a situation that I think we all daydream about happening with our past loves.”

The pair are joined by Jackie Land and Dan Holodak on bass and drums, respectively, and the band lends their influences from Rilo Kiley, the Beths, and Charly Bliss while having a Fleetwood Mac edge.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the band.


[photos: Beth Crane]