Soulful Lyrics and Powerful Chants: Russell Oliver Stone’s Musical Message

It’s time to embrace the power and purpose of love,” proclaims legendary singer-songwriter Russell Oliver Stone in his latest album, Characterful. Filled with soulful vocals and piercing lyrics, this album is a testament to Stone’s passion for social change and his unwavering belief in the transformative power of music. Characterful is a collaborative effort between Stone and some of the best musicians in the UK, including Paul Spong, Steve Sidwell, Neil Sidwell, and more. 


With their help, Stone weaves together a unique blend of jazz and R&B that accentuates the urgency of his message. The title track, “Characterful,” sets the tone for the album, with its powerful lyrics calling out politicians, billionaires, and dictators for their lack of action towards the world’s most pressing social issues. The spoken word contributions from Amen Noir and Poetikah elevate the song to a whole new level, adding depth and emotion to Stone’s message. Stone rose to fame in 1976 with his global hit “We Do It” by R&J Stone, but suffered a tragic loss shortly after as his wife and singing partner, Joanna, passed away. This drove him to retreat from the music scene and struggle with alcoholism for years. 


However, he never gave up on his passion for music and continued to write and sing. Now, faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis, Stone is determined to use his voice to inspire and nurture others. He draws upon his years of experience as an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Nada (sound) Yoga teacher to offer hope and remind listeners that solutions are within us all. From the opening track “Characterful” to the closing track “Embrace the Power,” this album is a musical journey of wisdom and love. Stone’s lush vocals, combined with Chantelle Dusette’s haunting lyrics, create a thought-provoking experience for the listener. As an elder in the music industry, Stone is inspired by the younger generation’s activism and enthusiasm for creating positive change. He urges them to join him in dancing to the rhythm of love and reminds them that together, they can conquer anything. Characterful is not just an album, but a call to action. 

It urges us all to listen to our hearts and use our voices to make a difference in the world. Stone’s message is clear: it’s time to wake up, embrace the power of love, and let it guide us towards a better future.