Spike Polite & Sewage with ‘Punk Not Dead’

Spike Polite & Sewage is bringing back that NY underground punk rock scene with the latest release titled ‘Punk Not Dead’.  Thinking back to classic Punk acts of yesteryear like Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Ramones and The Clash, Spike Polite & Sewage looks to bring that raw, unfiltered energy back to the forefront.  I feel that the former NYC night club CBGB would have been a mainstay for Spike Polite & Sewage as the band delivers an emphatic statement with ‘Punk Not Dead’.

Led by Spike Polite, the group also features Michelle Shocked on bass, Beast on drums and Tony Romero on drums.  Spike is known for his work with the music acts Reagan Youth and Cheetah Chrome.  ‘Punk Not Dead’ was produced by Ted Sabety for Solid Bass Records and includes an official vinyl release.  With straight edge punk, edgy rock and industrial elements, ‘Punk Not Dead’ is a glimpse back into the golden age of punk rock music.

Spike Polite & Sewage is not holding back on the new record by delivering an abundance of raw energy.  That rebellious spirit that has become synonymous with the whole punk style is alive & well on ‘Punk Not
Dead’.  Spike Polite & Sewage is calling out our culture and societal norms by shedding direct light on the masses.

Spike Polite & Sewage delivers a gritty performance overall that is oozing with real attitude. If you’re a true fan of the old, punk rock scene and music then you will have to give ‘Punk Not Dead’ a spin.
Spike Polite & Sewage is here to send a message and that is that punk rock music is here to stay!

Stream ‘Punk Not Dead’ here: