Starsailor frontman James Walsh pursues solo career with “The Ghost In Me”

British singer-songwriter James Walsh shares his latest solo release, “The Ghost In Me”. This hauntingly beautiful track is the latest addition to a remarkable career that has seen chart-topping albums, illustrious collaborations, and a celebrated solo journey. Join us as we delve into James Walsh’s musical journey, explore his new single, and get ready for an unforgettable tour.

James Walsh’s musical journey began with Starsailor, a band that took the world by storm. Their debut album ‘Love is Here’ and the subsequent hit ‘Silence is Easy’ soared to #2 on the UK charts, accumulating a staggering 3 million sales. Sharing stages with legends like The Rolling Stones, The Police, The Killers, and U2, Starsailor’s influence on the music landscape is undeniable. The band’s legacy continues with their compilation ‘Good Souls: The Greatest Hits’ and their 5th studio album ‘All This Life,’ charting at #23 on the UK album charts in September 2017.

James Walsh’s solo endeavors started with the debut album ‘Turning Point’ in 2014, marking a turning point in his career. The singer continued to evolve, recently launching his latest solo effort, ‘The Ghost In Me”.

His new single “The Ghost In Me” is a plaintive acoustic masterpiece that delves into those challenging moments in life when comforting someone seems impossible. It captures the essence of despair and the healing power of a new day. The song also explores the delicate balance between one’s own melancholy and being there for others. Walsh’s emotive storytelling and soulful melodies are on full display in this evocative track, which has quickly found its place in his live set and has been warmly received by his audience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this iconic artist live on stage during his upcoming tour starting in just a few weeks in the UK and Italy.

U.K. Dates 

14th October Ridgemont Pavillion Tunbridge Wells 

1st November The Horn St Albans 

2nd November Old Woolen Leeds 

3rd November Bron Eyri Penmaenmawyr 

4th November Citadel St Helens 

5th November The Crauford Arms Milton Keynes 

Italian Dates

13th December Freakout Bologna 

15th December Sala Don Bosco Marostica 

16th December Folk Club Torino 

17th December Bilko Milano