Strange Weather: The Delightful EP From UK Artist T. E. Yates

T.E. Yates is a British artist and songwriter who has just released of a brand new EP, Strange Weather. The project was produced and engineered by Biff Roxby at WR Audio, a recording studio located near Manchester, UK. The release features 6 songs, including the opening track “Condition,” which serves as a really great introductory track, allowing the audience to take an immediate deep dive into the artist’s songwriting style and approach to production. “Fierce Horses” stay true to its title with a very dynamic arrangement, and a truly memorable set of hooks. “Palace of Your Master” is another beautifully crafted song, making for an excellent middle for this EP. The track list goes on with “Fairy Tale,” endowed with a dreamy, lush soundscape. The next track, “Jack Of All Trades,” is a witty song with a unique flow, while the last track, “Mystery Window” is a fantastic example of how diverse T.E. Yates’ songwriting style can be.

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Watch the video for “Condition”:

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