Strawberry Swing’s “Bennie (Won’t Dance)” Delivers a Retro-Sound with a Modern Twist

Featuring indie starlet meadowhip, the group’s newest single embodies lighthearted fun with an infectious groove

 Collaborating with Cara Walkam, aka meadowhip, the indie-pop group Strawberry Swing creates retro-inspired magic on their newest single ‘Bennie (Won’t Dance)’ out 10 June. In just two minutes and 39 seconds, the song transports listeners into a jukebox haven and is intentionally reminiscent of pop icons from decades past. The song is the first in which Mark Griffin (drums, lyrics) and Nima Dehghani (keyboard, vocals) co-wrote together. Combining their talents, Griffin describes the song as “a bit of a tongue-in-cheek conversation with the audience.” He explains that they were “acknowledging the fact that modern audiences love listening to classic tunes” and wanted to add to that in a reimagined way. “We’re saying, ‘Hey, we’re like those guys with a modern twist so come and dance to our music too!’” The two joke that despite the song incorporating a lively and vibrant swing section, the addition had nothing to do with the eventual name of their band.