Stray + The Wild unleash their brooding and sonically ominous style in stunning debut “Show Me The Way”

Stray + The Wild, the electrifying alternative rock collective, has ventured into a realm of darkness with their latest single, “Show Me The Way.” Crafted under the seasoned production of Mudrock, engineered by both Mudrock and Alan Dämien, and masterfully mastered by Howie Weinberg, this new musical creation promises to captivate and intrigue.

Central to the soul of Stray + The Wild is the hauntingly emotive voice of AlexVndria. Guided by the dark, moody, and irresistibly melodic guitar virtuosity of Alan Dämien, the band’s compositions transcend musical boundaries and inspire profound introspection. This dynamic vocal and guitar interplay is complemented by the evocative bass lines of Ginny Eck, who weaves a compelling narrative alongside AlexVndria’s vocals, and the rhythmic foundation provided by Sam Ruff on drums.

“Show Me The Way” stands as a testament to the collective creativity and prowess of Stray + The Wild. Mudrock’s expert production ensures that the song not only entertains but also delivers a powerful and thought-provoking message. The single is accompanied by a visually captivating music video, which immerses the audience deeper into the band’s dark and mesmerising world.

Check it out now: