Suris release the beautifully atmospheric ‘Bonehouse’

Suris have released their latest album ‘Bonehouse’, a collection of songs born over the last 15 months of lockdown. Consisting of husband and wife duo Lindsey Mackie (vocals, piano & keyboards) and David Mackie (guitar, bass & drums), the 10 track effort is ever changing, never hesitating on an idea for too long which leads to a genuinely exciting listening experience, where you are unsure where the next track will take you. 

The musical arrangements complement Mackie’s voice perfectly, the piano’s especially feel almost a continuation of her powerful vocal performance, which teeters on musical drama in points, such is the emotion and ambience that her voice brings. The atmospheric guitars also add to this intense feeling of hypnotism, which is more and more apparent as the album develops. 

‘Bonehouse’ is successful in all of its goals. The mix and master adds perfectly to the atmosphere that is created by the combination of musicianship on top of Mackie’s vocals. This collection of powerful, sonically interesting, emotionally demanding songs showcases Suris going from strength to strength.

Words by Daniel Phillips

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