Talon David teases upcoming album with new single ‘Wading Through The Memories’

Nashville-born artist Talon David uses her music as a way to unite those around her, fulfilling an artistic vision of instilling hope in her audience. After moving to London to pursue her songwriting, Talon has had a strong career. Highlights include a self-produced debut album, GRAMMY recognition for her song ‘Deep Snow’ and a Bachelor of Music from Belmont University.

After sharing her 2023 track ‘Anomaly’, the artist recently saw traction across music publications, which is now followed by the release of the single ‘Wading Through The Memories’. The track teases Talon’s upcoming second album and is filled with flowing piano arpeggios, which fall into gorgeous melodies, and rhythmic drum lines. As usual, Talon’s vocals are the star of the show, soaring from note to note and perfectly harmonised to lace each moment with poignance and an angelic glow.

Speaking on the track she shares, “This song was written when I came back to the UK after spending Christmas with my family. It’s a little peek into my thought process, after living in another country for several months and wondering if I’d made the right decision. I knew my place was London professionally and personally, but I had an undeniable craving for my family and really, familiarity in general. I found myself looking through old pics on my phone for hours on end. Ultimately, this song is for anyone in a tug-of-war with the past and the future.

Like ‘Anomaly’ this song starts with a piano riff, but it’s cyclical and minor. I wanted this song to evoke feelings of hurtling through the deepest part of space: minimalistic, empty yet heavy, with a momentum you’re not sure you can stop. The background voices are the realizations, the emphasis, the sinking feeling in your stomach, and the bass arrives to take the bottom out as you realize you have no idea where you’re headed.”

‘Wading Through The Memories’ is out now, give it a listen below: