Tender Glue releases anthemic sounding new single ‘At The Same Time’ alongside album ‘Not So Very Nice’

Tender Glue is the moniker of Tom Gluewicki, a musician based in New York. Originally from Poland, his new project Tender Glue isn’t about him or his band – it’s just music that’s made by an urge to create. Tom can sight his first encounter playing music when he was twelve years-old after he had fixed a broken guitar that his brother brought home, and it’s safe to say he’s come a long way since then. With a string of releases, we can see Tender Glue improve with every one of them.

“At The Same Time” is an infectious offering with it’s swirling pot of melodies. A chorus-soaked guitar provides the backbone of the track, it’s rhythmic but impactful and dances with his vocals well. Overdrive guitars cut through the mix in the chorus, creating a wall of noise that gives a larger-than-life sound when paired up with thrashing drums. His vocals are softly penned, but tinged with emotion, enticing us in even further.

Elaborating further on the single, Tender Glue shares: “This song represents the feeling of being sad and happy at the same time. I have always felt strongly about fall for some reason. It gives me this feeling of being happily sad. Perhaps it’s the feeling of melancholy for all the happy memories that have come to an end.”

The track certainly sets the bar for the album ‘Not So Very Nice’ (which is out now.) Tender Glue cites inspiration for the album from the ‘punch in, punch out’, blue-collar struggle, and is mostly an accumulation of ‘meaner’ songs, written during different periods of his life. The album is a well-flowing journey that will leave you wanting more, and it’s one to check out for sure.

A release show is taking place on October 8th in NYC. More info can be found on Tender Glue’s website: https://tenderglue.com/2022/09/12/tender-glue-album-release-show-oct-8th/.