Tenille Ja’Nae releases video for soulful single ‘Quarantine’

Singer, songwriter and producer who is steadily becoming a rising star in the pop-soul scene, Tenille Ja’Nae is creating confident and expressive sounds in her music. The Little Rock, AR, born artist recently released a return to music in the single Quarantine, showcasing the vibrant soundscape and atmospheric reflection that she is capable of.

Built on a beat of reverberant and plucky acoustic guitars, grooving bass lines and playful drum lines, the track allows Tenille to gracefully move through the soundscape. Her vocal performances soar from bar to bar, creating an angelic and floating vibe in her voice. A warm and soft sound to while away the hours with.

She shares on the track, “This record was inspired by the pandemic and the idea of being alone, and not wanting to be alone. And losing a relationship because of the effects caused by the pandemic.”

‘Quarantine’ is out now, listen here: