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The aftermath of ‘Valentineʼs Day’

Through The Fall has dropped another single, it’s a heart wrenching song about a close friend who died by suicide 9 years ago on Valentineʼs Day. Since their latest alternative rock release ‘Criminal Tryouts’ the one man band has taken a softer approach with the next song.

Atohi says, “Every year since Olivers death I have wrote him a song. This year I decided since I have a bigger platform and more tools, I wanted to use it to tell his story in hopes that his story could change the way we deal with these kinds of situations. But itʼs mostly in memory of him, itʼs my final song about him.

Oliver died by suicide because of another person, they were able to cause such havoc on his life that he was being charged criminally due to her sending inappropriate photos of Oliver to an under aged kid using his phone. He took his own life on Valentineʼs Day because of the girl’s actions. After his death he got court papers in the mail saying the charges were dropped. The girl who caused all of this pain for Oliver, walked free and lived her life out with no charges against the abusive actions she made that made him take his life.

Atohi says, “I donʼt think we should ignore victims. Not for a second. If someone says theyʼre being hurt we need to listen and take every step we can to protect that person immediately. But thereʼs also situations like these that happen, where someone really does want to ruin someoneʼs life because they simply can. Itʼs a hard thing to handle and deal with, but once the evidence is there, like in this case for Oliver, why is there no action against someone who significantly bullied or did some kinda life changing action, that caused a person to think death is better? If you personally talk someone into suicide, you get prison time. But if you bully someone, or abuse their life in some way and cause them to die by suicide. Everyone is silent. She abused the system, abused his life, and ruined his life. But she doesn’t have to face any consequences. She gets to live and have a family, and he got to feel alone and died at the age of 18.

You can hear this song on all major platforms, we encourage you that if you feel alone or need help to please reach out to someone, this isnʼt the end…


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