The Ansible release fantasy inspired melodic metal masterpiece “Timeslide”

Photo credit: The Ansible

The Ansible release their new track and music video for “Timeslide” boasting high-powered heavy metal guitars and energizing melodies. The electrifying single shows off the start-to-finish bold musicianship found on their upcoming “Existing To Repeat” EP, set to release on November 5th.

The epic, heavy-hitting track is equipped with the unrelenting energy of a superhero soundtrack, which makes sense for their action-packed inspiration. The band explained how the idea came into fruition:

“While stuck in quarantine, Greg read A LOT of comics! Specifically a lot of X-Men and X related comics. There are a lot of convoluted stories involving time travel and attempting to change the future by changing the past.  It almost never ends well, but we like to dream.  The title is a reference to our favorite time traveling mutant Cable.  This song also features heavy contributions from Nigel, who not only holds down the low end but also creates all the synth, extra percussion and general ambient sound design in our music.  We let rip with the Pitchfork pedal to go even lower in the breakdown.  We cannot wait to play this live.”

Austin, TX melodic metal veterans, The Ansible, first arrived in the Austin music scene in 2014. What started as a passion project between Greg and Derril, was quickly built into a live band with the addition of Nigel and Darian. With the recent addition of new guitarist, Mark, the band is preparing for their Fourth release. The Ansible has evolved into a powerful and ambient staple among the likes of fellow heavy bands like Loathe and Spiritbox.

“Let’s Drop” begins your experience into an Extended Play of the Isolated Mindset, which will be fully revealed on November 11th. The EP is a deep dive into the emotions the members experienced during the covid-19 quarantine. Spanning the heavy spectrum with groovy feel-good songs like “Let’s Drop,” over to the slamming, chaotic feel that is found in “Timeslide,” The Ansible has progressed their style from a once heavy, niche-based audience to a more universal and relatable sound while still honoring their roots in progressive metal. 

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