The Cookie Jar Complot release instrumental rock EP ‘Caviar Capital’

Long-time friends and bandmates The Cookie Jar Complot have revealed their new EP Caviar Capital, bringing an instrumental indie-rock project that showcases rich instrumentation and authentic musicianship. With thrilling guitar solos, pulsing basslines and dynamic percussion, the record weaves through magnetic riffs and runs without losing its rock punch. 

The duo says of their new release: “’Caviar Capital’ is the end result of about 10 years of a musical friendship that matured into an EP of 4 songs exhibiting our best qualities.”

Hailing from Luxembourg, The Cookie Jar Complot are making waves on the scene with their masterful compositions. Playing shows such as Luxembourgish festivals Congés Annulés and Out of the Crowd, their highly-anticipated EP Caviar Capital has finally arrived and it has exceeded all expectations.