THE ENDORPHINS exude nostalgic and feel-good vibes with the release of their new EP ‘AFTERGLOW’

Stockholm-based brother and sister duo, The Endorphins, drop their brand new EP ‘Afterglow’ that carries five tracks bursting with feel-good R&B vocals and dreamy electronic synth beats. Building on their vast musical influences from their upbringing in Stockholm, the duo bring a range of 90’s R&B and 70’s Disco to their music, forming a nostalgic sound, and their electronic touch creates a euphoric feeling upon listening. Siblings Alva and August Heldt combine their talents perfectly with August’s clever production and Alva’s enchanting and soulful voice adorning each track.

Discussing their dynamic EP, The Endorphins said: ”The EP is largely based on relationship experiences we’ve both been through. It’s very much a feel good record. There are songs about falling in love, being unconditional with someone or wanting to get through something together. Every song has a hopeful meaning to them. The title summarizes the feeling of the record perfectly, it’s preferably played watching the afterglow skies while the city rises.”

The pair began their journey with great credentials, signing their first releases to the well known Youtube channel and label Majestic Casual, who have previously released music for the likes of Mura Masa, KAYTRANADA and Disclosure. They have already accumulated great success and an impressive 12 million streams from their previous releases, with their first EP ‘Sublime’ giving a taste of their immense potential. The Endorphins have big plans for their music in 2020, their new EP ‘Afterglow’ is just the start of what they have to offer this year.