The Erly send us all spiralling with delicious indie-soul single ‘Tracing Circles’

The Erly are a four piece from Michigan who create indie music that speaks straight to the soul. Combining influences from 60s and 70s funk with a modern and enhanced twist, they’ve created a real loyal fanbase throughout their relatively short time as a band. Two albums to their name already, they never seem to stop creating and never seem to take a rest, and they have already released a few singles this year, one of them being arguably their best work to date in ‘Tracing Circles’.

Hook-filled and and catchy from the first second, The Erly really come into their own in this one. The video also highlights their fun-loving nature, in a song that is VERY fun to listen to and you will have no problem sticking this on repeapt throughout your day. You have just found your new favourite indie-soul band, you’re more than welcome. Check out the video for ‘Tracing Circles’ below.