The Fabulous Red Diesel share stunning cathartic new single ‘Symmetry’

Jazz and soul quartet The Fabulous Red Diesel have an unusual knack of taking you right back to where their influences incepted. Their nostalgic brand of music has warmed the hearts of many across the UK, including Jazz FM, BBC Radio 6 and many more, and are loosely building a reputation as being one of the hottest prospects in the jazz world. What is maybe now seen as a niche genre, this four make you feel like it is the everyday norm for you to soak yourselves into their beautiful and soul textured sonics, and they are on the verge of releasing another new album, with stunning first instalment ‘Symmetry’.

Opening with a double bass and twinkling pianos, almost nothing can prepare you for Kat Lee Ryan’s mesmerising vocals, which takes you to another place entirely. Her personality and vigour shine through amongst the melancholic and flowing jazz-soul underbelly, and ‘Symmetry’ is such a pleasurable and captivating listen from start to finish.

Speaking about the single, lead singer Kat Lee-Ryan shares: “Symmetry is a defiant imaginary conversation with my long dead father. It’s very much a ‘black sheep of the family’ story, but with a twist, as the black sheep realises how awesome it is to be a black sheep after all. ‘I won’t be ignored, I won’t be denied, I am not invisible and I’m not gonna hide. I am not your dirty little secret and you cannot make me wrong’

Family skeletons, throwing money at a problem to make it go away, and the legacy that leaves for the fully grown adult to unpick.”

It’s clear that The Fabulous Red Diesel’s new album will be their best yet, so wrap your ears around this sumptuous jazzy number and catch them on their upcoming tour if you’re based in the UK, you won’t regret it.

Thursday 6th April – The 606 Club Chelsea
Sunday 21th May – Watford Jazz Junction
27th May – Sidmouth Jazz Festival
9th June – Toulouse Lautrec, Kennington London
9th July – Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s
27th August – Rye Jazz Festival

Listen to ‘Symmetry’ here: