The Kite Machine blow us all away with the video for synth rock masterpiece ‘Your Touch’

The Kite Machine is a literal force to be reckoned with, and they exclusively share the new video for their single ‘Your Touch’. 

The Australian outfit have been making huge waves across their homeland and beyond since their debut album in 2019, and it’s easy to see why. New track ‘Your Touch’ is pure euphoria and hits that golden sweet spot between rock and killer pop. It’s as if their music literally comes out of the screen and jumps out right at you, as their explosive guitar riffs and catchy as hell melodies just make you want to scream for more and more.

The video for the track, set in Argentina, sets the scene of a woman dancing in the streets of Buenos Aires during the day and then coming alive at night. It’s a great performance by Fernando Dragone, and she channels the notion and energy of the track perfectly. 

The Kite Machine says that “We wanted to write a song that was a little more pop than our other offerings. ‘Your Touch’ is the product of TKM trying their hand at something infectious and dancy. “Lyrically it describes how a newfound connection with someone encompasses your thoughts.”

If you do something today, check out this pure magic from The Kite Machine.