‘The Marriage of Celestial Things’ showcases Jason Potters mystical side

Jason Potter has released his sophomore album ‘The Marriage of Celestial Things’, which continues to explore mystical themes and soundscapes. The London based artist goals for the album are apparent from the get go- he wants to create stripped back, cinematic and atmospheric music and definitely succeeds in doing so. The vaguely seldom spoken word parts add to this massively as they subtly enter the sonicscape, adding a needed counterpart to the cinematic orchestral that is common throughout.

A highlight of the album is ‘The Enclosed Virgin’, which shows a much softer, tepid side to Potter. There are elements of drone that become almost psychedelic in the way they progress and, while having repetitive hooks, they don’t hesitate on ideas for too long, which allows for the progressive nature. 

‘The Marriage of Celestial Things’ shows Potter’s growth between albums, spiritually and musically. It is succinct, successful in achieving its goals and amazingly cinematic. Jason Potter is continuing going strength to strength.

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