The Movement of the Deep Souf shine in debut release ‘I Have A Dream’ featuring Ayonna Charese

Dropping their debut single and music video with a bang, The Movement of the Deep Souf are already turning heads within the industry with their smooth raps and his honest lyrical skills. Telling authentic stories from their life, the duo takes listeners on a journey, and displays a lot of charisma and dedication, qualities that will certainly help them make the most our of their career.

Marking thier debut single, The Movement of the Deep Souf have now just teamed up with Ayonna Charese to deliver “I Have A Dream,” an impactful track inspired by Martin Luther King. In a raw music video that has amassed 8 thousand views on YouTube just a little over two weeks from its release, The Movement of the Deep Souf and Ayonna Charese are curating incredible energy with their performances, nicely flowing on top of the R&B-infused instrumental.