The Organist who Plays Coldplay: Alexander Ffinch

Alexander Ffinch has long been hailed as a trailblazer in the realm of concert organ music, and his latest album, “Parallels,” reaffirms his reputation as a visionary artist pushing the boundaries of classical music. Released to critical acclaim, “Parallels” showcases Ffinch’s exceptional talent and creative ingenuity, offering a compelling blend of classical masterpieces and contemporary favorites.

The album features a diverse array of compositions, from the intricate “Boëllmann Toccata from Suite Gothique” to the majestic “Holst’s Jupiter,” each interpreted with Ffinch’s signature finesse and expressive depth. However, it is his rendition of Coldplay’s “Paradise” that has captured the imagination of listeners worldwide, demonstrating Ffinch’s ability to infuse modern hits with the grandeur of the organ.

Watch Alexander in action HERE

Ffinch explains his motivation behind “Parallels”: “My aim is to communicate to a wide audience. I love the classics, but I also enjoy surprising people with something unexpected, whether it’s a Coldplay song or the Star Wars theme.”

The album’s success has been underscored by extensive airplay on prestigious radio stations such as BBC Radio 3 and Scala Radio, where Ffinch’s interpretations have been enthusiastically received. His performances of Elgar’s “Chanson de Matin” and Florence Price’s “Suite No.1” have been featured prominently, highlighting his ability to captivate audiences with both traditional and innovative repertoire.

With “Parallels,” Alexander Ffinch not only reaffirms his status as a leading figure in the world of organ music but also paves the way for future explorations into blending classical elegance with contemporary sensibilities. His dedication to pushing artistic boundaries ensures that organ music continues to evolve and thrive in the modern musical landscape, captivating audiences with its timeless beauty and transformative power.

Listen to ‘Parallels’ HERE