The Perfumers drop new single ‘American Model’

The Perfumers have returned with their 1975-inspired single ‘American Model’ which showcases the outfit’s neatest attributes. With hardening riffs and singable melodies, the three-piece gift wrap alternative-pop powerhouse anthems complete with much political sentiment.

Talking about the new single, The Perfumers share:

“We were inspired by the political discourse in the United States and how capitalism affects a person’s everyday life. What we want people to take away from the track is that we need to work together to build a better society for our future generation. To advocate for climate change, Anti-racism, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Also to not worry about the societal expectations that are put on people.”

The Perfumers are a Pop band from Midwest America. They are Jordan Kortenber (guitar, vocals, producer), Sayge Kortenber (drums, producer), and Malakai Bisel (bass, vocals, producer.) Their first single, “Automatic Girl,” was released in July of 2020 and immediately struck a chord with their fans. They spend most of their time writing, producing and drinking coffee. 

They are influenced by bands such as The 1975, Harry Styles, and The Killers. Collectively, they have played on television, the radio, and Rockapalooza.