The Sukis return with new power single ‘Intimacy’

Following on from their recent single ‘Cherryade’ which was met with widespread acclaim, Hertfordshire-hailing alt-garage band The Sukis return today with their latest single ‘Intimacy’. It seems that the group have found a formula for success, presenting propelling drum rhythms and electrifying riffs to create a dark, dynamic atmosphere. With the lyrics touching on themes of rejection and loneliness, ‘Intimacy’ is the ultimate power track from this rising duo who have already amassed millions of streams on their records, and are sure to continue climbing towards the top. 

Discussing their new release, the band shared: “In ‘Intimacy’ we wanted to include themes of rejection, nostalgia and loneliness; optimism and defeat shroud the intimacy of all our relationships, especially post-lockdown.”

Check out the new single below: