The Technicolors drop escapist Alt-Rock album ‘Cinema Sublimina’

Image Credit: Elizabeth Miranda

Alt-rock band The Technicolors have returned with the release of their fourth album Cinema Sublimina. The latest release is a vessel of feel-good psych-rock and indie-rock that perfectly paints the natural beauty and synergy of Arizona’s wonders. DJ in Brazil,” one of the album’s experimental dance-funk tracks featuring Mateus Asato, was premiered this week on ALT-AZ 93.3 in anticipation for the Cinema Sublimina release. Among the album’s tracks are other highly acclaimed singles including “Howl,” “Dress Up For You” and “Nightvisions,” which was released last month. 

While the LP may not have started out as a concept album, it ended up becoming a story that reflects the dissociation of reality. Tied together, the project’s personal thoughts are a battle between mind and body: 


Cinema Sublimina is a blurry collage of all the moments in life that feel ‘rigged.’ We never intended to make any kind of concept record but we most definitely ended up with a story arc that, to me, sort of reflects the way things feel when you walk out of a movie theater or a play… as if you just witnessed another dimension flash before your eyes. Also the idea of a ‘concept record’ is sort of funny because growing up I’d mostly see it within progressive rock bands or Rush or something. I think once we realized there was a flow and a common theme happening we sort of leaned into it, maybe because it feels like the way people consume music nowadays is much more single-based.”

 – Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors 

Since introducing themselves in 2012, Arizona’s The Technicolors have woven a luminous sonic tapestry of fuzz-fueled riffs existing somewhere between the gloomy echoes of 90’s Britpop and the snake-charmed stars of the Sonoran desert. The band’s vast and diverse catalog is highlighted by a slew of critically-praised singles, including: “Space Cadet,” “Tonight You Are Mine,” “Neon Roses,” and “Songbird.”

The band has been fortunate to share the stage with an impressive roster of genre-spanning artists including Matt Maeson, The Maine, Turnover, The Wrecks and Psychedelic Furs.

The new album Cinema Sublimina is available to stream on all DSPs today via ONErpm and vinyl is available for pre-order on the band’s merch store.