thea wang Releases Debut Album ‘While He Is Still Asleep’

Singer-songwriter thea wang’s debut album, ‘While He Is Still Asleep’, is a collection of  poignant folk-pop tracks that blend modern electronics with traditional acoustics on stories that are guided by thea’s vocals. With ethereal sounds and introspective lyrics on songs filled with intense moments, thea draws from her own experiences to empower her songwriting.

From singles like ‘Tell Me About It’, as well as the album’s title track, solemn sounds are created to match the haunting and intimate meanings behind the words, while the vocal layering and acoustic riffs on songs like ‘Word On The Street’ capture the Norwegian artist’s wistful energy. With many songs written during her time travelling the world after an injury to her voice, the tracks all embody something personal to thea.

“It made me appreciate how silence can teach you a lot. But it also made me extremely restless, and I realised how much I need to sing to find meaning in life. Sounds cliché, but for me it’s true,” thea says during her time in Italy and the USA, which inspired her during the album’s production alongside Andrew Keller. “I met so many people that I sort of carried with me – and so the songs in this album are small novels about different people that I’ve met, people I know, people I don’t know, and some stories from my own life.”