Theresa dazzles with upbeat pop anthem ‘Move’

Theresa is the primary example that it is never too late to follow your passion in life. Always being a lover of music and in particular the pop star world, Theresa has now finally been able to record and release her own material, and she hasn’t had a bat start at all. Accumulating over 500k streams with her songs so far, she now finishes 2022 with the infectious funk-pop single ‘Move’.

Already possessing a vocal that hits you immediately, there is a real charm and vigour with Theresa and a sense of empowerment. ‘Move’ is a song all about never quitting and giving up, and the production is clever and lends itself to all breadths of pop, showcasing that Theresa is creating music that is ready for the masses.


Theresa says “Move” is a song about getting off your ass and getting to work! Like a lot of my songs, I wrote this one to encourage myself to keep moving forward.  Sometimes we stand in our own way of success.  We have a choice that sometimes is easier said than done.  As one of my favourite lines in “Move” advises, ‘When you’re feeling doubtful, look high to the sky.  Your greatness is waiting, but it’s your choice to fly’.”