THISMINORITY reveals bold new hip-hop album ‘The Minority Report’

THISMINORITY is an artist that has never fitted the mould, and this is ever apparent with their latest album ‘The Minority Report’.

Opening track ‘CHK’ utilises obscure samples, manipulated into a driving hip-hop beat, while tracks such as ‘MEDI’ take on a more trap inspiration and ‘Amour’ reveals jaunty piano samples, carved into THISMINORITY’s signature, expressive sound. Each track is produced carefully, allowing the listener to fully expect the unexpected.

The new album is THISMINORITY’S reflections on his changes and what comes with it. For somebody who used to struggle to openly express, this is an artist that has developed leaps and bounds.

THISMINORITY aims to bring self-love and acknowledgement with emotion and rawness, allowing listeners to question themselves as well as the world around them.