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Through The Fall brings on a new but familiar sound with their latest release

Atohi, the one behind the music, has been working on Through The Falls sound for going on three years now, their single, ‘Criminal Tryouts’ was released December 20th 2019, on major streaming platforms and has hit almost 3,000 plays since then.

Through The Fall began on July, 25th 2017, it was created after the loss of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park.

Atohi states:

“I had lost my Mom to medical mistakes the year before, and I kinda gave up on music, I cancelled the shows I had that year, I couldn’t stand not seeing her there and being able to show her something new. The day Chester passed away, I knew I needed a place to go with everything. Linkin Park is the band I always lean on when it came to lifeʼs hardships, and I needed a place to go, there was none because grief sets in listening to everything at that time, so I created a place and it took off from there.”

Saying that, Atohi has also designed the band to be all about mental health issues which is where the band name came from:

“I wanted it to not be about the music, or distinguish what that music sounded like, I wanted the name to represent the lyrics, theyʼre all about struggles with mental health and life issues. My hope is that I can reach people in these very places I was in, and help them get through the fall — The latest song release definitely represents that, itʼs about being alone in what youʼre dealing with and having no place to go with it, but regardless of the darkness you still get up and try, I name it ‘Criminal Tryouts’ because thereʼs a huge stigma based around mental health issues and suicide. Iʼm rebelling against that stigma, so I call my fans Criminals, cause we go against the ideas of the world, and some people donʼt like you when youʼre that person.”

You can catch more from this band through their social media accounts. And check out the song on Spotify.


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