Tiyto unveil bright new single ‘Reside’

Buckinghamshire trio Tiyto, formed from the ideas of songwriter, vocalist and keyboardist Stuart, alongside drummer Robert and guitarist and bassist Max, have been steadily releasing singles since 2022. Seeing plenty of streaming traction along the way, the band brings together rock, electronica and R&B to craft a unique and atmospheric signature sound.

Tiyto’s latest release is the new single ‘Reside’, an indie-pop twinged and kaleidoscopic track of heartache and dynamic energy. Opening with a bright haze of electric guitars and synths, then settling into a playful groove filled with a splash of psychedelia, with the lead vocals flowing from phrase to phrase, hitting the final note of each line with an extra stab of passion. Helped along with vibrant harmonies and soaring countermelodies from the instruments beneath, the track becomes a package of bright and breezy infectiousness.

Stuart adds, “Reside is our sixth release and there’s a general consensus in the band that it might be our favourite yet. I love to spend time sat at the piano, playing around with chords when I get the chance. Every so often something sticks, and it gives a base to start the song. On this occasion, the chords and piano line used in the intro and chorus came about.

The lyrics are something I always work on last, and I first record all demos with just whatever random words and flows seem to work best. The “let’s talk about” and the elongated “why” lyrics were part of these initial demo version. When trying to think of something to replace them, nothing really seemed to fit as well. Repetition is never a bad thing in the chorus anyway, I guess? With the lyrics in the verses, I wanted to use plenty of metaphors about a person chasing and fighting so hard for something that was inevitably over.”

‘Reside’ is available now…