Tobias Sarra to release his debut album: A Beige Kind Of Grey

Tobias Sarra is one of the artists who come along ever so rarely. Most musicians seem to follow pre-determined path and stick to their comfort zones. However, this is most definitely not the case of Tobias’ music. This remarkably daring artist has a love for all things out of the beaten path, which often leads him to expand his creativity by trying his hand at improvisation, while discover so many other musical ideas. He has recently announced the release of his debut album, “A Beige Kind Of Grey.” This production has a minimalistic side to it, reminiscent of folk music, but there is also room for so many experimental and explorative sounds, including some improvised textures, gritty lo-fi ambient tones, and pretty much anything in between. When you dive deeper into a diverse album like A Beige Kind Of Grey, you really never know what to expect and there is something deeply insightful about the artist’s willingness to challenge himself.

Stay tuned for the impending release of A Beige Kind Of Grey, and do not miss out on Tobias Sarra’s wonderful and original music. To be released this December 3rd.

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