Tom Hugo reveals album breaking stereotypes and celebrating diversity

A photograph of Tom Hugo being pelted with brightly coloured poweder

In a musical landscape often dominated by conventional narratives, Norwegian pop artist Tom Hugo releases his latest solo album, ‘Eden,’ today. With a mission to challenge stereotypes and promote diversity, Tom’s album is a powerful reflection of his personal journey and a commitment to advocating for inclusivity within the music industry.

The album arrives with the focus track, ‘With You,’ a poignant response to Tom’s 2013 radio hit, ‘Det er Du.’ This track serves as a testament to the evolution of relationships over a decade, offering a unique perspective on personal growth and change.

Tom Hugo’s path to self-acceptance was marked by challenges, particularly a lack of LGBTQ+ role models during his early adulthood. However, the music industry has witnessed a positive shift towards greater acceptance and visibility for LGBTQ+ artists. Tom, along with his husband Alexander Olsson, is determined to further this progress by infusing the stories of LGBTQ+ individuals into relatable lyrics that resonate with a diverse audience.

The release of ‘Eden’ follows a notable setback in October when a group of conservative Christians protested Tom’s school concert featuring songs from the album, leading to its cancellation. Despite this adversity, Tom Hugo and Alexander Olsson remain unwavering in their commitment to sharing their message and music with the world.

‘Eden’ boasts nine tracks that span various pop genres, all with a distinct organic quality. Tom Hugo took on the role of producer for the album, collaborating with his live band, “Regnbuefamilen,” for half of the tracks. The remaining introspective pieces were recorded with guitarist Markus Maaren Bastøe (Skaar) and keyboardist Auver Gaaren (Drongo).

Although 11 years have passed since Tom Hugo’s last solo album, he has continued to make waves in the music industry. His work as a traveling pop craftsman garnered multiple #1 hits on Japanese charts, successful singles on radio stations worldwide, and significant accomplishments with his electronic joik-pop trio, KEiiNO.

‘Eden’ stands as a testament to Tom Hugo’s resilience and dedication to breaking down barriers. The album promises fans an unforgettable musical journey that challenges norms and fosters acceptance for all. Despite setbacks, Tom Hugo’s unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the music industry is an inspiration, making ‘Eden’ not just an album but a powerful statement of change.


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