Toy Car release the explosive new single ‘Better Than Before’

Garnering attention from across the industry, Toy Car are fresh off an outstanding performance at Isle of Wight 2023, continuing to cement their strong live reputation. The five-piece hail from Liverpool with their alternative rock sound steadily enticing a loyal fanbase.

Their latest single is ‘Better Than Before’, a track that saw the band travel to Leeds, recording a track that coats your ears in intricate guitar melodies before exploding into an anthemic number in the middle of the song. The song grows and expands through an eclectic mix of influences, starting off gentle and elegant, then evolving into vibrant and momentous section with firework riffs and then intoxicating rhythms take over.

Lead vocalist and main songwriter Shaun explains the new single, “I’m a huge fan of that style of music, when I began buying music I was always drawn to that sound. This was the first song I felt like I captured that energy in our own unique way.

I wrote this song during an isolated part of my life in my studio flat in Liverpool, it was a way of expressing that we are all human and we all make the same mistakes and can learn from them.”