Travi The Native returns with new single ‘ishouldbesleeping’

‘ishouldbesleeping’ is the newest offering from Travi The Native. The Belfast hailing producer artist’s long-awaited return is a love letter to falling for someone and encapsulates the twists and turns of devotion. Following his debut EP ‘God Only Calls The House Phone’, Travi’s newest work is less of a departure, but more of the same glowing work.

Discussing the release Travi explains:

‘ishouldbesleeping’ is a love song. An introspective recount of life in a long-distance relationship… You live your life with this person but they’re not physically there, and that becomes a hard thing to navigate. You each have a certain freedom… but not the freedom you want. You’re just in a constant state of longing for what you can’t have.” He elaborated that “I’d often daydream about my partner being there during all the menial tasks of the day… Ultimately, it put me in this constant state of limbo for a long time and that’s where this song came from.

Having been championed by European TV and Irish radio, Travi’s eyes are firmly set on bigger and better.