UK and India hip hop scenes link for controversial music video

Harnessing the mantra Knowledge Is Power, Hip Hop artist and record label boss MC Solomon has shared his latest release on Kamani Records. ‘As The World Turns’ sees him team up with one of India’s hottest young rap stars Niya Love.

As the UK, India and most of the world are still in the grip of the pandemic, people have naturally been questioning the official narrative out out in the media. With distrust in government at an all-time high, this collab represents two artists’ frustration at the powers that be and their mixed messaging, confusing lockdown restrictions, questionable statistics and lack of guidance around the vaccine. ‘As The World Turns’ paints the picture of a world with swirling uncertainty, through the eyes of people the slums in Mumbai to the streets of London and worldwide. MC Solomon explains:

“We both share strong opinions based on real life experiences with close friends who were treated very badly during the pandemic. We both feel let down by the government and the restrictions that somehow made life worse off, and caused more deaths than Covid itself, especially in the UK. We wanted to put across some of these thoughts which don’t get talked about through mainstream media.”

Musically the track is based around a drill-flavoured beat (produced by Asia Minor) with south Asian sitar and vocal samples. Niya delivers 16 bars in Hindi which further blasts those in power, from the viewpoint of life in India which has been hit so badly. They also both touch on meditation and looking inward for answers, those in power don’t have our best interest at heart, so to find peace and harmony we must look inside ourselves.

‘As The World Turns’ is the first single to be taken from MC Solomon’s up-coming album ‘Behind The Mask’ which is out 22nd February 2022. The album also features fellow rappers 5:55 and Shaikhspeare.

Check out the music video below and follow @mcsolomonofficial & @imniyalove