UK songwriter Quarry shares visual for ‘Puppy Tears’

A multi-talented, multi-faceted creative and songwriting powerhouse – UK Artist Quarry has just shared his stunning new mixtape ‘Is This What You Call Love?’. It’s a release that showcases the different sides to his songwriting personality, drawing on elements of electronica, soul & indie to create a project that’s genuinely unique in it’s field.

A remarkable songwriter from an unremarkable part of the world, UK Songwriter Quarry developed a skill for conveying complex social issues within the medium of slick, leftfield pop bliss. His work has led to fans including the likes of Annie Mac and Jack Saunders at Radio 1.

Speaking on the mixtape, Quarry states:

​​“With this mixtape I’m holding out real pieces of my heart and hoping people see themselves in it. I’m not the only one that feels these things, and I want the ones that get it to know that as well! I want them to feel understood.

Like all my favorite songs I can still feel it in my stomach when I listen back. It still hits me the same way as when I wrote it, and it makes me want to reach out and lay my heart on the table. To me, all these songs feel like looking you dead in the eye as I expose my unprotected heart to a dangerous world. “