Undertow reminds us to keep pushing with ‘No Sleep’

Having propelled into the music scene with his new EP ‘On Sight,’ Undertow returns with the release of a colourful animated video for his single ‘No Sleep’.

Animated by hip hop artist Tenth Dan (Danimation), Undertow effortlessly showcases his carefully balanced lyricism whilst continuing to build a perspective that is relatable which further showcases his versatility.

‘No Sleep’ is a song that reflects the rapper, where he rhymes about being loose and learning how to release himself from life’s everyday struggles.

“Life can be so stressful with work and general life commitments. Everyone needs a release and that’s what this song is about”.

On the video, Undertow said, “The video is an animated clip which flashes to different metaphors throughout the song. The song is super fun and bouncy so I thought I’d do a clip which reflects that,”

“I’m really happy with the way this has come out! I’ve wanted to do an animated clip for so long, and he really smashed this one. Super easy to work with and produced the goods,”     

Now opening the door on a run of new music with the release of ‘On Sight’ single and EP, Undertow is an artist in his own lane that should be watched closely as his career continues to bloom.

Stylistically Undertow’s broad versatility is refreshing and genuine as he lyrically dips into real life dilemmas with local references and witty punchlines, making him intriguing and accessible whilst providing a relatable figure to the flourishing music scene and beyond. 

Undertow has gone on to perfect his craft of connecting metaphors and syllables over crafted instrumentals. Along the way he shared the stage with some of the best in the business, including Caspa, Dizzee Rascal, Scratch Perverts, Ocean Wisdom, Sigma, DJ Fresh, Q-Bert, The Four Owls, Jam Baxter, MIA, Footsie and more. 


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