Unsigned Radar: Ben Gallaher, Kindred, HALIE, & Roman Alexander

In recent years, a resounding wave of innovation has been surging through the music industry, and it’s all thanks to independent artists and their groundbreaking new releases.

Gone are the days when major record labels held an iron grip on the music landscape; now, a diverse array of talented musicians is making their mark, disrupting traditional norms, and reshaping the way we consume and appreciate music.

From fresh sounds that challenge conventions to authentic storytelling that captures hearts, independent artists are leaving an indelible impact on the industry, proving that passion, creativity, and a DIY approach can pave the way for a revolution in the world of music.

In today’s Unsigned Radar series, we’ve highlighted new releases within the country genre from Kindred, Ben Gallaher, HALIE, and Roman Alexander.

“What An Old Song Can Do” – Kindred.

With a traditional country sound, uncle-niece duo Kindred released their new single “What An Old Song Can Do.” Taking cues from iconic musicians such as Conway Twitty and Patsy Cline, Kindred effortlessly blends the timeless essence of classic country with the modern sounds that define today’s country music scene in their captivating new single.

“Stomp” – Ben Gallaher

The emerging sensation on Stone Country Records, Ben Gallaher, is electrifying fans with his latest track, “Stomp.” This foot-stomping, dance-floor-igniting anthem will have you on your feet in no time. “Stomp” emerged when Gallaher posted a guitar lick as part of his Boot Stomp series on Instagram, and it quickly went viral. With over 13 million views on Instagram and TikTok combined, along with more than 10,000 fan-created videos, it’s clear that “Stomp” has struck a chord with music lovers everywhere.

“Southern Boys” – HALIE

In HALIE‘s latest track, aptly named “Southern Boys,” co-penned alongside producer Stone Aielli, Halie takes us on a journey through a spectrum of guys, from the West Coast to Utah, Chicago, and back to the South. She’s experienced them all, but her heart belongs to those hometown fellas with a bit of dirt on their boots. Accompanied by polished pop-country production, Halie delivers her lyrics with a sharp edge. Her vocals are equally alluring, with a tantalizing snarl in her words and a melody that bounces like a skipping stone.

“One Tequila (MC4D Remix)” – Roman Alexander

Roman Alexander and the viral DJ duo MC4D have combined their talents to unveil a remix of Roman’s chart-topping song, “One Tequila.” This captivating country dance track transports listeners to an entirely new musical realm. By infusing elements of EDM and dance into this collaboration, they’ve added an enchanting dimension to an already magnificent release.