Unveiling the Seductive Groove: Josef Scott Drops ‘Nine To Five’

In the heart of Auckland, nurtured by the vibrant music scene, and now thriving in the cultural hub of Boston, musician Josef Scott emerges as a beacon of innovation. With a fusion of Alternative-pop and Indie-soul, Josef’s music captivates with its infectious energy and soulful melodies, drawing comparisons to the likes of Parcels, Men I Trust, and Jungle.

Following the success of his recent singles ‘Summer Dopamine’ and ‘All My Love’, Josef Scott mesmerizes listeners once again with his latest offering: ‘Nine To Five’. Available now for streaming, ‘Nine To Five’ is a smooth yet invigorating track that delves into the complexities of one-sided relationships, exploring the addictive allure of the chase.

My latest single, ‘Nine To Five’ is a smooth vibe that tells the tale of a one sided relationship – where one is working hard to keep the feeling alive, the other plays games or shows little interest.” explains Josef. “Influenced by my own history with love, this song came to life just days after finishing my song ‘Summer Dopamine’. I was deep into a new phase of writing and a formula was taking shape. ‘Nine To Five’ was a response to this positive momentum. My aim was to capture that feeling of trying to play it cool but also being addicted to the chase.

Crafted during a prolific phase of songwriting, ‘Nine To Five’ showcases Josef’s evolution as an artist, blending his distinctive vocals with lush instrumentation to create an immersive musical landscape. With each note, he invites listeners to delve into the depths of emotion, navigating the complexities of love and desire with poise and vulnerability.

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