‘Used To Care’ is the Mother’s Day anthem from multi instrumentalist and songwriter Aubrey Logan

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Acclaimed singer and songwriter Aubrey Logan has dedicated her latest single to the joys of parenthood with Soul/R&B gem ‘Used To Care‘. After almost a decade of paving her way in showbiz, Aubrey looks back on her priorities and gladly pushes them to the backseat to care for her son. This soulful track is a stirring look on motherly love, with lyrics like: “So now I’ll pick and choose my battles, For you I’ll fight them tooth and nail, And the meantime it’s a hug and a kiss And a clean up the mess … oh I don’t wanna just get through these long days, short years, don’t blink through my tears over what I used to care about before you”. Aubrey recalls releasing just a short snippet of the track and meeting an astounding response from mothers alike. ‘Used To Care’ also incorporates fans in an equally heartwarming video, showcasing footage from her fans and their kids doing everything from making messes, playing in the school bands, learning to walk and lots more. Truly stirring and raw, listeners can embrace the gift of Mother’s Day with Aubrey Logan’s ‘Used To Care’, as well as enjoy its accompanying video, this May.

Aubrey Logan truly defies categorisation. A singer, trombone player, songwriter, and performer, she refuses to be confined to a single label. Bursting onto the scene with a Top 5 debut album in 2017, Aubrey quickly asserted herself as one of the most exciting young singer-instrumentalists in the country. This, topped by a collaboration with American saxophonist and composer Dave Koz on the chart-topping album ‘Summer Horns’ in 2018 further solidified her standing. Only a year later, it was her own #1 album in 2019, ‘Where the Sunshine is Expensive,’ that truly propelled Aubrey Logan into the spotlight, highlighting her songwriting prowess and earning her recognition as a household name among music aficionados worldwide. The album contains momentous tracks like titular “L.A.,” in which Aubrey bares her soul, shedding light on the trials and tribulations of being an artist in the epicenter of the music industry. ‘Understand,’ is another standout track where she invites listeners into the inner workings of her mind. Delving into retro sounds of Jazz, Soul, and R&B, Aubrey’s sound prompts audiences to reminisce about the magic of radio’s yesteryears. While Aubrey Logan remains celebrated as a world-class singer and instrumentalist, her forthcoming big-band album reveals a multifaceted artist with layers yet to be uncovered. Aubrey has earned the moniker ‘The Queen of Sass,’ but her latest work showcases depths previously unexplored, proving that her talent knows no bounds. To stay updated on the creative force that is Aubrey Logan, just follow the links below.

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