VALERIE shares latin tribute single ‘Havana Nights’

With music that brings together personal experiences, faith and the intricacies of the human psyche, VALERIE is a songwriter who embraces her amateur position with open arms, using it as a platform for refinement as she approaches her cinematic sound. A mesmerising writer and performer, VALERIE tells her story through the guise of visual landscapes and characters, infusing personality into vast narratives. In her eyes, VALERIE’s lack of formal training is a strength, giving her room to experiment freely and defy conventions.

For her latest unveiling, her first since an intricate debut album, VALERIE shares the single ‘Havana Nights’. Weaving the salsa-rooted, Latin beats of Cuban music into an enticing R&B soundscape. The rhythms adapt to suit both the danceable, dynamic style and its sultry, vivid counterpart, vibrant percussion is balanced with a bouncy kick drum and choppy instrumentation.

Pianos, trumpets and synths all make an appearance, the latter a nod to VALERIE’s electronic-leaning tendencies, painting a portrait of her heritage through her unique stylistic flair. Vocally, VALERIE moves with elegance from moment to moment, the constant evolution of the arrangement rooted in her passionate performance.

“In 1980, my grandfather risked everything to bring his family to the United States,” VALERIE explains, “boarding a small ship during the Mariel boatlift with my grandmother, my mother, and my uncle. Before they faced the seas, he spoke these words to his family: “We’re going on a journey that will be difficult. No matter what happens, don’t cry. You have to be brave.”

43 years later, he faced the most difficult and universal trial — the journey from this life to the next. I wanted to write him a song that communicated my gratitude for everything he had given me without dampening his spirits. I wanted the song to echo that message he gave his family 43 years ago: “Ahora no llores.”

On May 15, 2024, on what would have been his 72nd birthday, I released “Havana Nights.” When you listen, you’ll get to hear about his journey and the legacy he left behind.”

Listen to ‘Havana Nights’ Below