Vale!ULB Elevates the Groove with Salsa Remix of “Sube El Nivel” Produced by Mayito

Vale!ULB is back with a sizzling new release that is sure to set dance floors ablaze. Following their debut hit “Sube El Nivel”, the band has dropped an irresistible salsa remix of the track, produced by the renowned four-time Grammy Award winner, Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil.

Comprised of Valeria “Val” Vargas, Darius “Deezle” Harrison, Anier Alonso, Emiliano Torres, and Alberto “Friki” Torres, Vale!ULB has carved a niche for themselves in the Latin music scene with their infectious melodies, pulsating beats, and lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide. Hailing from parts of Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and NOLA via Mexico, every single member brings with their own a rich musical background:

“Sube El Nivel” is a perfect example of the band’s prowess, with its empowering lyrics urging listeners to elevate their spirits while grooving to its catchy chorus and infectious rhythm. The song encapsulates the essence of celebration and joy, inviting everyone to join in the festivities.

With the new salsa remix of “Sube El Nivel”, Vale!ULB pays homage to the roots of salsa music, infusing the track with vibrant horns, intricate live drums, and traditional salsa rhythms. Mayito’s production adds a special touch, making the remix something unique and appealing.

The members have come together over a shared love of pushing the boundaries of Latin music and injecting it with the spirit of celebrating life to its absolute fullest and this new version of “Sube El Nivel” is no exception.