Vanity Mirror release their Retro Pop debut album ‘Puff’

Vanity Mirror is the homespun recording endeavours of Toronto based singer-songwriter Brent Randall (Gentle Brent, Electric Looking Glass) and veteran Los Angeles percussionist Johnny Toomey (The Turns, Electric Looking Glass).

The first LP ‘PUFF’ is their vulnerable lo-fi anthology of charming bedroom pop experiments.

The album is a delight to listen to with its sweet sixties-tinged melodies and starts where their other baroque-pop project Electric Looking Glass left off.

The third single from Vanity Mirror’s debut album ‘PUFF’, ‘Somehow You Know’ is a slacker lullaby for misfits and romantics.

The track has a delightful feel to it with a pleasant instrumental melody and beautiful vocal harmonies from Vanity Mirror, whilst the accompanying visuals have a quirky but romantic feel to them.

Written in a church garden on an overcast bank holiday, ‘Somehow You Know’ is simple and understated, an anticipated sleeper hit of ‘PUFF’.

Reflecting on the track Randall said ” ‘Somehow You Know’ is a somewhat of a lullaby. It wasn’t an immediate choice for a single but one of our favourites and a track that a lot of close friends had highlighted as one of their favorites. I think it has an immediacy in its simplicity. I think this video captures that and we’re so excited to share it.”

Listeners of Vanity Mirror’s debut album will hear careful nods to The Kinks, Idle Race and The Raspberries delicately woven into the hook-filled compositions.