Vargen unveils charming new single ‘CAESAR’

Swedish singer-songwriter and acclaimed Bob Dylan interpreter Vargen recently released an inspiring debut album of original work. The self-titled project showcased the man behind the covers and arrangements, re-introducing Vargen as a deeply emotional songwriter.

Now, closely following this work, arrives the new single ‘CAESAR’. Opening with a raw duet of rhythmic acoustic guitar and heart vocals, Vargen begins to weave a narrative inspired by Gaius Julius Caesar. It’s not long before a bouncy electric guitar part and driven drums join the folk atmosphere. As the instrumentation builds, audiences are guided on a graceful journey, captivated by bright melodies and elegant, impassioned storytelling. Delicate, timeless and uplifting, the track is glowing with charming sentiment.

Vargen reflects on the release, ”CAESAR tells a story filled with symbolism and introspection and delves into themes of power, betrayal, and self-awareness, exploring the complexities of relationships and personal struggles. I tried to express what could have been going on inside this historical icon of tyranny.”

Listen to ‘CAESAR’ now!