Vicky Rai releases emotionally-penned single ‘Worth It In The End’

The latest release Toronto-based artist Vicky Rai is ‘Worth It In The End’, a deeply vulnerable and poignant single detailing her coming out story. It’s clear with the track Vicky wishes to provide an understanding and inspiration to others who may be going through similar emotions.

She does this through passionate songwriting, creating a warm and climactic anthem that feels both bittersweet and mighty in its emotions. Vicky’s vocal performance is intense and spirited, conveying all the love and fear she was feeling in that moment, drawing you into the beautiful story she showcases.

Vicky shares, “Feeling trapped in your own mind not being able to love who you want to love. It’s not just a phase, it’s who I am and I’m tired of keeping secrets. It’s necessary to accept yourself for who you are before you can expect others to accept you. ‘You’ve got to make up your mind’ was often said to me.”

Though she hails from Canada, Vicky takes pride in her Portuguese roots, with her cultural influences helping her to craft the infectious pop anthems she writes. Since she first appeared on the scene in 2020, she’s garnered widespread press recognition, played festival stages and shown an inspiring songwriting ability.

‘Worth It In The End’ is out now, check it out: