Victoria Martonne unveils Soulful Anthem ‘MC2’

Victoria Martonne, the talented singer and composer, just returned with a new track titled ‘MC2’. The song, a potent and anthemic piece, showcases Martonne’s powerful vocals against a backdrop of upbeat yet heartfelt melodies, with the influence of her childhood gospel roots shining through.

From her early days singing in gospel choirs to later performances with school clubs, music has been a constant thread in her life. A move to Los Angeles to study film marked a pivotal moment when Martonne realized that her true calling lay in singing and composing.

In 2019, Martonne unveiled her musical prowess with the release of her first single, ‘Expectations‘. This was followed by her debut EP, ‘Stages of a Platonic Relationsh*t‘, in 2021, establishing her as a rising force in the music scene. Now, with ‘MC2’  Martonne continues to weave soulful storytelling into her musical tapestry.

The song is a manifestation of Martonne’s authentic and emotive approach to music. Her lyrics, a hallmark of her artistic expression, reflect a deep connection to her experiences and emotions. From her childhood gospel influences to the vibrant energy of her teenage performances, Martonne’s storytelling prowess is on full display in ‘MC2’.

“Writing songs to me comes very naturally, and it’s not something I can force, it flows through me in the moment,” explains Victoria Martonne. “I usually get inspiration from random things like a sentence someone says, an image I see on TV, or a random sound. For one of the songs I wrote for my new album, I got a melody idea from a noise someone’s phone made.”

Martonne’s lyrical goal is clear – to convey something meaningful and thought-provoking. While she enjoys infusing fun and at times, sarcasm into her lyrics, each song is a reflection of genuine emotions and experiences. “I’ll never write a song about something I haven’t experienced or felt on some level,” she asserts, “otherwise I have no connection with it.”

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